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Park Seung Chol Hair Studio - 박승철헤어스투디오 달라스

Pakseungcheol Hair Studio is trying to create a beautiful value. Has only one dream of creating the beauty that can proudly shine in the world it took its first steps in 1981 Pakseungcheol Hair Studio Korea No. 1 point. Now Pakseungcheol Hair Studio is subjected to further accelerate as the professional beauty brands try to leap into the world. I will be with you always to the company that created the 21st Century Beauty happy lifestyle.

No. 1 Brand – shining in the 30 years of tradition, the nation’s top brands

Industry Leader – largest store, holding up customers

Superior Technique – beautiful to extraordinary technology more to heart

Withsocial Responsiblility – Pakseungcheol Hair Studio is a growing community with

Passion for Beauty – for beauty extraordinary imagination and passion

Master hairdresser